✓ ARTH 382 Contemporary Art in Latin America


The term “Alebrijes” originated from the name that Pedro Linares gave to his fantastic creations of paper machéPedro Linares, a native Oaxacan, had a hallucinatory dream during a deadly illness in which he was in an unfamiliar place where saw strange animals that looked like composites of several animals. The animals had horns, claws, and wings and changed shapes. The animals were making sounds he could not understand, except he heard the word over and over, alebrijealebrijealebrije.”  He was not afraid because he knew these creatures were good.  When he awoke, he found himself at home again and his sickness was gone. Don Pedro felt an overwhelming need to recreate the figures that he saw in his dream.

Kade Case
























El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Masks
















Gory at UNCA (Spring 2018)